Australian Dry Eye

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Active Clinical Trials

For more information or to participate, please click on the relevant trial and connect directly with the recruiters via email or phone. A complete list of all clinical trials can be found here.

United States


Ongoing Research

TearSolutions (USA) - Lacripep

Norvartis (USA/EU) - LubricinSAF-312

University of New South Wales (Australia) - Atorvastatin

Sylentis (Spain) - Tivanisiran


Proteris Biotech (USA) - Protearin

Mimtogen (Canada) - Taverlimide

Neuroptika (USA) - NRO-1

Dompé (Italy) - TRPM8, Platform IL-8, rhNGF

Azura Ophthalmics (Australia/Israel) - MD-001, MD-002, BL-007

RegeneRx (USA) - RGN-259

Tarsus (USA) - TP-03

Oyster Point (USA) - OC-01

Silk-Tech (USA) - SDP-4

Axalbion (Switzerland) - TRPM8

Parion Sciences (USA) - P-321

Kala Pharmaceuticals (USA) - Eyesuvis

Aldeyra Therapeutics (USA) - Rexproxalap

Pharmaleads (France) - PL265

University of Illinois (USA) - DNase

Oculis (Iceland) - OCS-02

Redwood Pharma (Sweden) - RP-101

Aerie Pharmaceuticals (USA) - AVX-012, JAKi/IKKbi

Nicox (USA) - NCX-4251

OKYO Pharma (USA) - Chermerin

Xigen (Switzerland) - XG-102, XG-104

Palatin Technologies (USA) - PL9643

Aviara Pharmaceuticals (USA) - AVA3486

Ocunova (USA) - OCU-001

Biozep (Norway) - BIZ-101

OccuRX (Australia) - OCX-071

SiteOne Therapeutics (USA) - ST Topical

Allegro Ophthalmics (USA) - ALG-1007

BRIM Biotechnology (South Korea) - BRM-421

Allysta (USA) - ALY-688

Inflamalps (Switzerland) - INF101

Akari Therapeutics - Coversin

Quorum Innovations (USA) - Qi-401

Bessor Pharma (USA) - TSG-06

AxeroVision (USA) - AXR-159, AXR-270

VivaVision (China) - VN001

Abbvie (USA) - AGN-242428, AGN-231868