Australian Dry Eye

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Mission: Raise awareness about the problem of dry eye and promote ocular health

Vision: Help transform dry eye care in the interest public of health, improving quality of life

"Dry eye is a serious problem for many Australians. Zachary has taken great initiative in setting up the Australian Dry Eye website."

Dr. Stephanie Watson. Clinical Professor at Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney

"It is a pleasure and an honour to recommend Zachary's work for the Australian Dry Eye association. He has an enormous knowledge about dry eye and I sincerely hope that he will continue with his work to make the problem known all over the world. 370 million patients are waiting for better treatments!"

Peter Raus, MD. Expert at Superior Health Council. Free University of Brussels

"Zachary is passionate about patient advocacy and improving the diagnosis and standard of management of dry eye. Australian Dry Eye is a tremendous initiative and Zachary has shown great leadership and vision in this process and he has raised awareness widely and very effectively."

Fiona Stapleton. Professor at UNSW. Sydney

"Zachary is a dedicated individual who's knowledge on the complex aspects of dry eye disease far outmatches many practicing doctors. He has managed to collaborate in many initiatives with cutting edge practitioners on an international basis in forwarding his cause to increase the world's attention on the ocular surface."

Richard Maharaj, OD. eyeLABS Optometry & Center for Ocular Surface Disease, Ontario

"Zachary is dedicated to speaking up for dry eye patients, advocating for scientific advancement in dry eye and making treatment available. Please support his work, as much more such effort is needed all over the world. In this highly misunderstood condition, it is definitely not effective to rely only on physicians to make the best care available to those who need it."

Associate Professor. Louis Tong, Singapore National Eye Center. Singapore Eye Research Institute. Duke-NUS Medical School

"Zachary creates community and purpose with his infectious passion, authentic curiosity, creative resourcefulness and keen intellect. He is unique in his ability to reach out across different disciplines within Ocular Surface Disease and create engagement to better understand the bigger picture, nurture innovations and facilitate healing for fellow dry eye sufferers."

Laura Periman, MD. Ocular Surface and Dry Eye Disease Expert, international lecturer, clinician and clinical scientist. Seattle, WA.

"Zachary is an excellent advocate for dry eye health, being a dry eye sufferer himself. Not only has he undertaken many of the management strategies available but along the way has gathered an understanding of the variety of mechanisms underlying this multi-factorial debilitating disease. His constant desire to seek new insights and therapeutic innovation is admirable."

Dr Kenneth Ooi, Ophthalmologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer, Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney.

"Zachary is a very well informed professional with highly developed research skills. Zachary writes very well as evidenced by his publications in dry eye. Zachary is always a pleasure to deal with and provides others with a great deal of information on a difficult issue."

Sophie Keele, Patient. Careers Counsellor at Brighton Grammar School. Melbourne

"Zachary is passionate about helping dry eye patients. His efforts have united doctors and patients around the world."

Paul Jensen, OD. North West Dry Eye Center, Seattle. University of Washington and the University of California at Berkeley.

"Zachary's genuine passion for improving the quality of life for millions of dry eye patients around the world is compelling. Not happy with the current treatment strategies, Zachary is exploring exciting new ways to manage and treat dry eye."

Jason Holland, OD. National Director for Optometry at the Optical Superstore and Deakin Optometry Advisory Board. Brisbane

"To the victims of this 'invisible pain', my message is: let's work together to make your voices heard."

Perry Rosenthal, MD. Boston Eye Pain Foundation.
(1933 - 2018)